Good Thoughts!

Over the years of reading countless RSS feeds from bloggers, I’ve come across some really good thoughts. Unfortunately, it does take some time to share these jewels because you have to copy a link, paste it, and then describe it on another page. But yesterday it hit me that I should take this time and save a reference to these good thoughts because good thoughts encourage other good thoughts. So, here is a list of Good Thoughts for you to read at your leisure. Enjoy!

Author: Joel Spolsky
Subject Matter: Salary Compensation
Link to Article/Blog Post:

Author: Mark Cuban
Subject Matter: Executive Compensation
Link to Article/Blog Post:

Author: Zac Smith
Zac is a good friend of mine who writes from the heart mostly from his spiritual perspective. I met Zac through work and we just clicked. Here are five of his and mine favorite blog writings. When I look at this page I still look at Zac as in the present. His words and life have inspired me even though he has moved on to be with our Father. Zac left behind a long list of memories as well as his words that witness his love for his family, friends and most of all to God who gave him all he ever needed.

Author: Doug Richardson
Subject Matter: The Art of the Screenplay and other written gems..
Doug is a published author as well as an A-List produced screenwriter. His blog is filled with inside stories of life in the Hollywood fishbowl. If you’re an aspiring author or just enjoy the stories of the movie business, well, this is a site for you.
Link to Blog:


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