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Growing, Growing…

Those darn kids. They grow so fast.

My little girl’s been playing the piano for three years now and she loves to sing and so does her mamma.

We took time over Christmas to record and then film this music video. It is actually Ellie-Jane’s first music video and I’m happy to say she did very good at taking direction from daddah.

Her mamma… well, that’s another story.

Hope you enjoy the video…




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Good Content Rules

So I purchased a pretty expensive camera a couple of years ago and started using it for this and that. I admit, I didn’t need a thirty two hundred “prosumer” Sony HDR-FX1 to “mess” around. But I got it thinking I would use it to create new content and do something great with it.

Well, the reality is that creating “great” content that is interesting, entertaining and engaging takes a lot and I mean a lot of talent and time.

Internet content is no different. In the early days Internet content stayed within the realm of the geek’s. After the invention of the Internet to aide DARPA and scientist in their communication of ideas, the geek’s got a hold of the technology and used it to better communicate technical information for hardware and software development.

And then some really smart people figured out that the Internet could communicate things that “normal” people were interested in, like “did you see this video of that crazy fool ranting about Brittany?” And these people figured that they could make a lot of money off a new advertising model. And some of these people got really rich, really fast.

The funny thing is that the old truism still exist – CONTENT is KING.

We still see good and bad ideas come and go in business and on the Internet. There are a class of bloggers out there who started a communication revolution and they’ve been able to cash in. One such blogger that I like to reference is Robert Scoble. He’s done pretty good for himself in this brave new medium. I also like to reference him because I’ve met him and he is truly nice person and passionate about technology.

But his problem, like many great artist, is that he can’t see past the technology and his passion and find a long term use for technology. More importantly he suffers from the “got to get it on the Internet now, got to be on the edge” with his content. Don’t get me wrong here, I think highly of his passion for technology. And I don’t like being critical.

You see, he made his mark with an interesting, entertaining, engaging blog. He’s good at that medium. However, now he’s out concentrating himself with a lot of sub-par video and audio from a camera phone and hour long interviews with technical people who are not very interesting, engaging nor entertaining.

Not to get too far from my point, I gave his video content a chance a while back and it bored me. The camera phone stuff lacked a sense of professionalism and the better quality video lacked being concise. Every time he posts a video now I ignore it.

And this over the past couple of weeks he’s starting to think less of what made him and gave him his current stature in the technology business – his blog. Maybe technology can’t be polished to maintain an audience like The Office or Thirty Rock. Maybe Robert needs time to find the right formula for video as he did for blogging.

But I can tell you first hand that since I haven’t been able to create something great with my camera that I appreciate good content when I see it and there’s no doubt that GOOD CONTENT RULES and GREAT CONTENT WILL MAKE YOU RICH IN TODAY’S WORLD.

Update, March 27th 2009?
Well, the premise of this post is still very sound — great content rules. As far as Robert’s video’s, well, they’ve gotten more polished, which has made them easier to absorb.

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Windows Live Writer Update

Free software is always a good thing. If you are a blogger then you should like the freebie from Microsoft. The software package is called Windows Live Writer. It is an application that allows you to compose blog entries and then upload them to your favorite blogging service. Currently it supports Live Spaces, SharePoint, Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, WordPress, Community Server, and many other services.

There are plugins available for the application that are free as well. I’m excited to see that someone wrote a plugin to make it easy to add a video into an entry.

So, to test this new feature out I’m going to add some Google Videos I have out there.

Wow, that’s pretty easy to do… Here’s a video of my friends playing a little music I helped write to double check how easy this thing works…

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It’s About Time

So I got married on August 6th 2006. It took me several months to get my wedding video completed. I made a nice DVD with interactive menus and all my friends and family enjoyed the videos as I tried to tell a story.


The funny thing is that I converted the video to an AVI and never posted it on my BLOG or uploaded it on Google Video (GV). I guess after getting the DVD completed I was so worn out and forgot to post it on-line. So I uploaded it last night and it is post on Google video. The thing I don’t like about GV is that they process the AVI down to a flash video file and in order for it to look right you have size down the video. The upside to GV is that you don’t have to worry about bandwidth usage.

Anyway, take a look at both and let me know which version is clearer or if you can’t even tell the difference.


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Finding gems when you clean…

I admit that I can be a pack rat. At home I collect all kinds of things and eventually it becomes such a mess that I have to dive in and do a real cleaning.

The same thing happens in the world of computers. On my PC over the years I’ve accumulated a lot of emails, videos, pictures and audio of various entertaining value. While cleaning lately I found this Reebok video of Terry Tate, Office Linebacker video that went around the net a few years ago. In the old days of office pass-around, people actually sent the file, not just a link to a GooTube video.

I miss the old days.

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Getting Better at Video Editing

I’ve been working on my Video editing skills for several years now. I’ve always loved video and photography, but I’ve never had the money to buy equipment to really do pro-sumer level editing. However, over the past five years as personal computing hardware power has increased the video editing software has gotten very usable, and now it is now to a point where with a few hundred dollars and a computer, anyone can do decent video.

I’ve been working on doing concert videography and editing lately. When you are working on a shoe string budget (no budget) you have to think outside of the box. Let me quantify my budget. I went out early this year and purchased a Sony HDR-FX1 HD, 3CCD camera for about thirty two hundred bucks. I decided on the Sony because it had a lot of great features and was HD and had the best price/performance going in the market at that time. I figured as HD became used more and more I’d be able to learn and have room to grow with this camera.

So practically, I did have an initial budget. But for the average consumer who wants to make better video, you don’t need to spend this kind of money on this type of camera. There are plenty of under a thousand dollar 3CCD cameras that can do a great job.

Oh yea, if you want to make better than home movies, you have to have a good video editing solution. I’ve been a Premiere fan for a few years and now have Premiere Pro 2.0. There are other good solutions out there like Vegas Video 7 and such for the money. Professionals use these programs and they have all that a pro-sumer needs to get a quality project completed.

Ok, so, with my concert project a friend has a Panasonic 3CCD camera. So in order to get that multi-cam look and feel I setup his camera on the sound booth and I use my FX1 for roaming shots. I think to really do a professional look and feel video, you really need at least three cameras, each one needs to be 3CCDs.

The other element in a concert video is the music – duh. I don’t have a hundred grand to go out and get a great live recording setup. So, to learn how to combine multiple video sources and sound I went and got a four hundred dollar eight track simultaneous digital recorder on eBay, the Roland 1680. This is portable and has pretty good sound recording quality. With this device I managed to get the house sound guy to give me four mono outs: vocals, drums, base & keyboard and guitars.

Now I have all the components and are able to edit the sound mix, combine it with the multiple video sources and use Premiere 2.0 to bring it all together. I still need to work on the camera angles for the hand held and I think I need a better steadying mechanism for the hand held shots.

The next step in getting a more professional look and feel is to have three cameras, three camera operators, and a communications system so that a director (me) can instruct each operator what to be focusing on during the concert. I just need to figure out how to do that without spending a lot of money.

Anyway, here’s the first edit of the first song from the other night. Let me now what you think.

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Google Video Neato Trick

Ok, so now I can really go wild on my BLOG. I just figured out by reading a FAQ (frequently asked question) that Google allows you to embed your uploaded videos into your own web sites and blogs. If you go to Video.Google.Com and upload videos you then can embed those videos into your blog. For you non-geek readers out there, you just don’t know how neat of a feature this really is and without any real work on my part.

The video below is of me and my friend Billy Turner playing racquetball. I did a two-camera, no human attendant test shoot. I wanted a two camera shoot so I could test some new features of Adobe Premiere 2.0.

So for you blogging freaks out there, here’s all you have to do to embed the video in a web page:

  1. Go to Video.Google.Com and sign up for an account.
  2. Upload your videos.
  3. Click on the “Email – Blog – Post to Myspace” button on the right-hand side of the playback page of the video you want to embed.
  4. Click the “Embed HTML” link and copy the code into your Blog or web site.
  5. If you’d like your embedded video to begin playing automatically, go to the end of the embed code and replace FlashVars=”playerMode=embedded”> with FlashVars=”playerMode=embedded&autoPlay=true”>.

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