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Growing, Growing…

Those darn kids. They grow so fast.

My little girl’s been playing the piano for three years now and she loves to sing and so does her mamma.

We took time over Christmas to record and then film this music video. It is actually Ellie-Jane’s first music video and I’m happy to say she did very good at taking direction from daddah.

Her mamma… well, that’s another story.

Hope you enjoy the video…




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A Fist Full of Haters

The world of seven hundred billion (SHB) people is full of Haters. People who always look for the problem, for this issues, for the mistakes of others so as to make themselves feel better about their own short comings.

It saddens me that the Internet, a tool of collaboration and communication, is used by the sickened to spread their hate and misery. They troll around on forums and comment sections and spout their condemnation to others who try to create with their hands, hearts and minds.

Are you a hater or a appreciator?

Do you look for the good in what your fellow men do or do you simply want people to fail?

Mamma says “If you can’t say something good, don’t say anything at all.”

You know, as years go by, mamma’s words make more and more sense!

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Answers To Life’s Tough Questions: They’ve all been answered…

You’ve just got’ta be listening. Now the important thing here is – what is the question? You can hear the song by clicking here.

Brothers Unaware

By: Edward Kowalczyk, ; Chad Taylor; Patrick Dahlheimer; Chad Gracey

So many people
I know only a few
Yes I may say that I love this man
And that man
But what keeps me from loving you?

Date of birth, geography
The color of my skin, ideology
You got ten fingers, two legs, on nose
Like me
Just like me

And it’s as simple as that
You see

And if I don’t know who to Love
I love them all
And if I don’t know who to trust
I trust them all
And if I don’t know who to kill
I may kill myself instead

From the mouth of a baby
Will come the world saving words
That will save us all
And from the lungs of a child
Will come the everlasting breath of God

Increasing peace and honesty
And not carrying on Despite of me
Don’t you know
This ain’t about no race, no creed
No race, no creed

And it’s as simple as that
You see

And if I don’t know who to love
I love them all
And if I don’t know who to trust
I trust them all
And if I don’t know who to kill
No suicide
I’m already dead

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I’m With Coco

I posted this on my Facebook wall and thought I’d post it here as well…

I don’t watch a lot of late night TV anymore as I’m pretty much done by 11:00 these day… But when I do watch and watch Conan O I do enjoy his humor… From what I know I don’t like what NBC is doing to him… I knew when Jay went to prime time it wouldn’t last more than a year… I guess I’m not so smart cause it didn’t last longer than three months… No wonder NBC isn’t fairing so well in the ratings…


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Support Artist You Like

lucasmccain As I’ve written previously here I’ve been working with Lucas McCain, an Atlanta band, for the last three years or so. Since I’ve been doing my time with the band I’ve really come to appreciate the difficulty of trying to become successful in the music business.

Like many of my aged peers over the past 10 years I’ve purchased less and less music. It seems that as teenagers we don’t understand our parent’s music and our parents don’t understand ours. I chuckle now remembering my dad telling me “You call that music?”

daughtery Well… music does change over the years because there are new artists who have new ideas. Unfortunately, the majority of music is traditionally purchased by consumers under twenty-five. So the music business is squarely centered around catering to the young consumers and therefore the new stuff gets more and more distant to the older generations. It seems that for the old farts like myself we don’t find the new stuff “good enough” and spend our disposable income on things like GOLF! 🙂

taylor But since I have a vested interest in the music business I decided that I would stand up and support music that I enjoy. I know first hand how hard it is to struggle trying to sell a CD.

Last year I started watching American Idol and really enjoyed Chris Daughtery and the eventual winner Taylor Hicks. So I decided to go out and pick up both of their CDs. While browsing toadcoverAmazon I came across a real oldie for me in the band Toad the Wet Sprocket. I picked up their greatest hits CD.

All four CDs are filled with really enjoyable music. I encourage each of you to support  the artists you enjoy because they are spending a lot of time and effort to bring you a product that you can enjoy for the rest of your life!

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My Adventure in Music

Sometime our journey through life brings you into situations that you would never have dreamed of. One day a co-worker friend introduced me to another co-worker who was in a band. Wayne and I started talking about our mutual interest in photography, videography and music. He suggested that I should come out and take some video and pictures of the band.

I said sure, and that conversation introduce me to the music business and started my association with Lucas McCain. I started taking pictures and video and over time became great friends will all the band members. Eventually the band would ask me to help them manage the band and I said “I’ll do what I can for you and we’ll see how far we can go.”

Over the past two and a half years I’ve slowly become a part of the band. I’ve been fortunate enough to help write lyrics on several of the songs on the just released New Horizon CD. I see myself as the silent band member in the background who helps the band become more successful by taking care of the business issues so the band can concentrate on doing what they do best — playing great music.

On Saturday we released Lucas McCain’s first CD titled New Horizon. The CD is a collection of Rock, Southern-Rock and a  pinch of Country. Every time I listen to each song I can remember our writing sessions and the thrill of bringing a new song together.

lmcoverWorking with the band has reinforced my belief that PASSION for your work makes your work results better. When you love doing something, you are going to enjoy the journey much more than when you look at it as just a J-O-B.

In celebration of releasing the CD and to get the word out, we are offering a cut off the CD as an MP3 to all our friends and hopefully thousands of new friends. Home on Their Mind is a warm, moving tribute to all service men and women who have put on the uniform in defense of our country and the freedoms we all enjoy.

I’m placing a link to the MP3 (click this LINK) so you can download and enjoy the music as much as we enjoy it. Please share this with your friends and family. If you like the music and want to support us, please go to our website and purchase the CD. Our website is

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Is Life Just A Series of Random Events?

It seems that each of us humans from time to time ask the big questions over and over – Why are we hear? Is there a God? What’s the purpose of life?

There have been many, many smarter men and women throughout history whom have asked these questions. And the neat thing is that there are a lot of good answers out there. You just have to believe in the ones provided or go out and find the answers for yourself.

Over the years I’ve come to believe that life IS NOT a Random event. I believe there is a master plan out there devised and designed by “God” and that many, many, many events in our lives happen for a reason. Maybe not all events have a purpose in our lives, but I think a lot of them do.

To me, meeting someone who instantly “gets what I’m talking about” is an event that happens for a reason. Last week, while attempting to travel from Houghton to Atlanta, the white-out snow conditions in Houghton caused my flight to be cancelled. By chance a fellow at the customer service counter wanted to get to Detroit so he could make his vacation flight the next day. Imagine that, he really, really wanted to get out of the sub-zero and snow and get to the warm ocean and his eleven day vacation! Being the adventurous person I am, I asked if I could hitch a ride with him since he was going to drive two hours to an airport where flights were operating out of.

NormBreyFogle And being a nice guy, this fellow by the name of Norm Breyfogle said “sure” and thankfully allowed me to ride with him. Being who I am I started asking what he did for a living and that got us into life, science fiction and an eclectic mix of subjects on the way to catching the paradise bound airplanes.

You know, Norm is a really interesting guy. After all h is an artist and aren’t all artists supposed to be interesting?

He told me he worked for a while at DC Comics and illustrated Bat Man for several years (look at his website for an amazing resume of what he has done). After looking at his art on his website, I can see his imagination is matched by his artistic skills. I’ve never been a comic book reader, but I have a hell of lot of appreciation for the artist who live and work in that field.

From our conversation and after looking at Norm’s Website, I can tell you also that I have a lot of respect for him. Our conversation on that two hour drive inspired me and gave me a different perspective to think about. Honestly, a casual observer could say “Ba, that’s just a random event occurring in a randomly generated universe.” But I say that meeting Norm was not a random event and it has a purpose and although I may never know the purpose, something positive came from the time spent and shared with Norm.

I can’t wait to see Norm’s novel published and then made into a movie!!! Hey Norm, I know someone who could Direct your first novel to movie deal!

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