Hi, my name is Herschel Horton. I’m a fifty-something living in Tampa metro area. Born and raised in “Hot-lanta” Georgia. I work in the Information Technology business as a Systems Engineer.

I have an eclectic mind and enjoy learning about many different things. I enjoy Film Making, Golf, Racquetball, Music, Computer Hardware, Software and watching my little “baby” girl grow like a weed. My wife is my best friend and she keeps me straight.

Take a look around and leave a word or two if you find something I’ve written interesting and worthy of your insight!

Email: lhhorton@gmail.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/HerschelHorton

Phone: (404) 955-8030


4 responses to “About

  1. Hello Herschel,

    I found your website because I was researching the meaning of “nexus point”.

    On your Is God An Alien page you say, “The last time I checked I have no God-like powers.”

    I feel I must correct you. You most certainly DO have God-like powers. You’ve always had them. That is because, as was Jesus, you too are an incarnation of God. That, in fact, is what Jesus came to teach us – that God incarnates as every human being.

    I suggest that you study Vedanta, the spiritual philosophy of Hinduism. It teaches that God’s consciousness, the only existing consciousness, becomes human consciousness – that one that each of us thinks with.

    You do not experience your divinity because the human ego is designed by God to preclude our having that experience. Despite the ego, we still have some creative power in our thinking and speaking. That’s what the movie “The Secret” was all about.

    This message fulfills your request.

    Happy Awakening!


    • Nicholas,
      I just re-checked and I still do not have “God-like Powers.”

      Or as you say I just might not be able to exercise them because of my self impose restriction.

      I’ll be honest in that I don’t know much about Hinduism. Your description of Hinduism is interesting and thought provoking.

      I’ll have to check out the movie “The Secret” and thanks for visiting my BLOG and leaving a comment.

      • Herschel,
        Our creative power is quite subtle but nevertheless effective. I’ll give you an example of how it works. A lady I met a few years ago told me “My husband just up and left me in the tenth year of my marriage.” I asked who left her when she was ten years old. She said that was when her grandmother died. That was when she effectively said: Love leaves me ten years into the relationship. And that is why her husband left. She created her future with her divine power. Childhood is when our power to create is greatest. That is why Jesus said, “Be ye as little children.”

  2. Herschel,
    Good for you. Well done. I enjoy your Blog topics and writing/thought style.
    Thanks for sharing.


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