Some Things You Can’t Take Back…

You can say “I’m sorry I hurt your feelings…” but you can’t take back the words you said that created the hurt feelings.

You can “Go to jail, pay a fine and go on probation for getting drunk in public and causing a public disturbance…” but you can’t take back the stupidity of your actions, the hurt and embarrassment to your friends and family it caused.

You can’t recall the bullet from the gun that you just fired into the head of a innocent child as you attempted to burglarize his mom who had nothing to give you.

You can’t erase from your mind the images of a video you just watched that showed the beheading of a human being.

There are some things you can’t take back.

We live in a world that has so many humans who have the capacity to create so much love, beauty, ingenuity and greatness.

Yet, we still have the nightmares that exist in our world – hatred and evil.

The imperfections of humanity weighs on our God I’m sure. As He came to live amongst us and to die for us, I’m sure He weeps for us as we live with all the greatness AND all of the filth.

I don’t know why – why did humanity had to fall from God’s grace? Whatever the reason, we are here, now, striving to shed the imperfections of the flesh so that one day we can once again live in the presence of our maker.

I can’t take back the images of death in my mind and the knowledge of the evil that exist in this world.

BUT, thankfully, I can ask The Savior for a take-back. I can ask Him to take me back into His grace. I can ask Him to come into my heart so I may accept His salvation, to accept His love, to accept His guidance in making me a worthy human being.

Thankfully for me, there is one thing that can be taken back…

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