Thankfully I Heard HIS Voice

Every now and then I am reminded that I am human, that I sometimes have unbridled emotions, that I am imperfect.

Today, an old man in a car acted like a dumb ASS, yes a dumb donkey. And for a few moments I wanted to catch that old man and shake him and ask what in the world was he thinking. I didn’t want to harm him, I just wanted understanding from him and for him to understand what he had done.

And then then I heard His voice. A voice of reason, a voice of restraint, a voice of understanding, a voice that told me to turn right and to let that old man go on his way.

As I sit here now and think about the whole affair that voice is telling me that there are some people in this world that I will never understand. There are people who see the colors of life differently and interpret the world differently than I do. There are people who are lost and their senses are failing them.

For these people we must see what they cannot. We must hear what they do not. We must be willing to turn right when they do not do so. There are times when our unbridled emotions must be controlled and WE MUST forgive them.

For surely our senses fail us from time to time and we loose our way. At these times we need forgiveness and understanding and love from a stranger.

To love a stranger who does you wrong is surely not impossible, it is what we are called to do.

Thankfully I heard HIS voice.


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