Short-Timing It

Do you know what a short-timer is? The term came from the Vietnam era to denote A solider who had less than two months to serve. Other short-timers include people who give notice at work with their intent to leave. The hallmark of a short-timer is that they usually don’t care about what’s going on anymore because they see a different path in the very near future.

With this blog of mine I try to balance my nature to share and my hesitancy to share. On one hand I want to share with people what I’ve learned, what I think, why I think the way I do in hopes that they may learn something and in return that I may learn something about myself. I find it hard to write about deep personal experiences and about the people I know and love. For one thing, a lot of my friends and family don’t want their lives put out onto the Internet. I respect that and I try hard to maintain a balance. So, these words are especially difficult to write and for some, may be difficult to read. But I feel led to write them nevertheless.

I have someone in my family who I love dearly, who I think is humorous, has a lot of wisdom, who is compassionate, caring, loving and giving.

I know he struggles with his own demons – alcohol being one of them. Hell, we all have our own demons and skeletons to deal with.

I really don’t judge or condemn him for his inability to conquer that demon, for I have never walked in his shoes. But when I hear of his distress my heart aches for him.

You see, I think he is short-timing it. He’s had to deal with Cancer, and at any age or disposition in life that is a tough battle by itself. I can’t imagine the pain he goes through with that. But from what I know, I think he’s done an admiral job at dealing with Cancer.

I just wonder if my friend has given up?

I was talking with my mother today about the whole affair and said “Well, at some point in life you get tired of the fight, you tire of the war against the flesh. Maybe he’s just short-timing now, hoping and yearning for the peace of the eternal rest.”

And then it hit me – It doesn’t take old age or an affliction like cancer to make someone become a short-timer.

There are so many people walking through life right now short-timing it. They are waiting for what’s happening today to end, so that they can start anew tomorrow.

To this attitude I pray “Lord, as I grow older and hopefully wiser, no matter what the circumstance, please be with me so that I may not Short-Time the time you have given me. Let me rejoice for everyday that has been given and let me stay grateful for the life I have lived. For the time I have on Earth is not recorded until the day my body is laid to rest.”

To my loved-one, my friend, who is dealing with his demons and afflictions of the flesh, I hope I have more time with you. I hope that in the days, months and years that you may have left, that those days are filled with love, with hope, and joy for the life and time that we have all been given.

You know, it’s hard telling someone that you love them, when at the same time you are sadden that they are unable to conquer their demons and afflictions.

So my friend I’ll just say I Love You!

I don’t have a lot of verses memorized, but as I wrote these words, these words of the father came to me: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3:16). But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.(John 4:14).


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