I’m So Glad God Exist

So many years ago God graciously accepted my invitation – the invitation to save me from my human instincts, to teach me love and kindness, to show me wisdom, to help me to be a better man and to save me from my sins.

As I grow in God’s image and see the world around me, I still have moments of cloudiness, moments of rage, moments of doubt and moments uncertainty.

I watch the T.V. images and stories of the Aurora Theatre Killings and my heart breaks. And in those moments I feel a rage deep in me. How could a man do such an act – to kill men, women and children with no remorse, with hate and anger.

And then, in those moments, a peace overcomes my heart.

You see, I’m So Glad God Exist – I know that he comforts me in these times of unrest, he calms the rage and he shows me his way.

I pray for the families in Aurora who have lost loved-ones. I pray that God comforts them and calms their rage and that even in this time of tribulation, they see God’s way.

My pastor, Dr. Cooper, gave an uplifting message on suffering – clarity during turbulent times – http://www.mountparan.com/mostrecentmessageV.asp


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