The Cool Technology

of my generation continues to amaze me! I’ve been using Microsoft’s FREE Windows Photo Gallery application for three or so years now and it is great. I’m sure there are other photo/video management tools out there, but I got hooked on this one and it keeps getting better.

For instance, how many people do you see in this photo?

2012-03-23 Melba The Citizen 025

Pictured: Jean Horton, Cindie Horton and Melba Horton (L-R)

Did you say three? Well, actually I would have said that as well had it not been for Photo Gallery asking me who the people on the wall were? See them, the President and those other two who I don’t know? By the way the three in the front are my mom, my sister Cindie and my wife, who became a citizen on the 23rd!

Isn’t that cool? Photo Gallery recognized five faces in the picture (the last one on the right wasn’t recognized for some reason (technology isn’t perfect yet).

When you think about it, on many facets of technological evolution, Humans have achieved what they thought they could. But for so much of technology that we take for granted today, Humanity had no idea we would have so much or be so far advanced!

Imagine, there are millions of people everyday putting effort into improving (evolving) technology to do more – way more than we ever imagined or could imagine.

If humanity can manage to last another 10,000 years without digressing back to the cave, where will we be? What kind of technology might we have.

I am a little jealous of the children of the future, but, I am so grateful that I have the technology that I have today!

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