How Do You Change the World?

So many great people have walked the Earth. So many great people are still walking that same Earth right now. I suspect that if humanity continues to be blessed, there will be scores of great people to walk the Earth in the future!

From the perspective of a single human being, it is often asked How can one person change the world?

I think at the core of this question are two simple answers: A human can change the World by one act of kindness at a time or, conversely, by one act of evil at a time.

I choose kindness!

In December of 2009 I read about Kiva ( Kiva is a microfinance facilitator that works with microfinance organizations around the world to connect lenders to poor borrowers and the borrowers get the loans with no finance charges. I decided that I could start with fifty dollars and help people borrow money so they could make a better life for themselves and their families!

Since December of 2009, by adding $ 25.00 dollars at a time I now have a bankroll of $ 1000.00 dollars in my Kiva account. As borrowers pay back their loans, I re-loan the money back out.  The $ 1000.00 dollars has actually been lent out for a total of $ 3,275.00 dollars to 104 borrowers.

When I first started with Kiva I had no goal. I just thought the idea of helping people help themselves was a good start. Now, as I think and write about my experience, I think my goal is to keep loaning $ 25.00 at a time, one act of kindness at a time.


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  1. Grant

    Way to walk the talk and put your faith into action. Great job, I would expect no less from you. Keep on keeping on.

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