If You Know Someone in the Music Business…

I have a talented friend, Wayne Vickers, and every now and then we sit down and write a tune. In 2007 we wrote a couple of songs and they are my favorite to date that we’ve written together.

The lyrics for Scattered Road (click the link to listen to the song) were written by both of us in a day. I was listening to Garth Brook’s song What She’s Doing Now and my thoughts turned to old flame from many years back. I sat down and wrote the first verse and half of the chorus in about 15 minutes. I sent them to Wayne and that night he finished the Chorus and second verse in about an hour. Collaborating like that was crazy cool!

Realman (click the link to listen to the song) is a song idea I had after listening to one of Wayne’s one minute music treatments. We were sitting around one day just thinking about what a Realman is and out came this song.

Songwriting with a friend is really fun – when you collaborate it seems like the song isn’t yours or isn’t your collaborators. The song seems to have its own voice!

If you know someone in the music business ask them to get these to some famous artist to record. I’d love to hear a star sing either of these two on the radio.


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