Change is a coming…

It’s early in the morning here in the United States as the Sun begins its journey across the sky. Another day here for 310 million people scurrying around conducting their chores. While somewhere thousands of miles away a man with an idea tries to change the world, and make a little cha-ching in the process. You see, this man, Andrea Rossi thinks he has the solution to cheap energy with his Low Energy Nuclear Reaction machine. Today, in Italy, he is demonstrating it for the first time to “large American” customer. If his machine is verfified to do what Rossi claims… well, your life will change, as will every other life in this world.

You see, if this LENR machine is verified, the age of cheap energy will come to the age of man.

I don’t know, maybe Rossi is another in the long line of fraudsters. But, maybe, just maybe, this Italian might just be for real and bring about a revolution to humanity. I hope instead of a fraud, the news tonight will be of a new era unleashed.

As I sit here this morning finishing one thought another comes to me. Everyday, all around us, change is always coming…

August 4th 2016

So far Rossi is just another fraudster… I haven’t read anything of substantial in relation to his invention. You would think that a technology like this would have generated real news if it were true. Too bad and so sad.

But there are people everyday working on real technological innovations! Keep the faith!


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