Shaking Your Fathers Hand…

While reading a story on the recently deceased Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, I had a strange epiphany.

The background story goes that Steve Jobs, an adopted baby, had searched for his biological parents during the 80’s. He found his biological mother and through that relationship found out about his biological father. He didn’t like what he learned about his father, so he never sought out to meet or develop a relationship with his biological father.

His biological sister had told a story to Steve that his biological father related to her of the story of him managing a restaurant in Silicon Valley, where Steve’s offices were near, and meeting Steve Jobs when he came into the restaurant. Neither Steve or his biological father knew at that time of their relationship.

When I read this, an epiphany feeling came over me. You see, for a couple of years now I have been thinking about the relationship of God and man and how he might “talk” to us (The Burning Bush, Are You Listening). What if God was strolling the Earth one sunny day and you happen to come across him and shook his hand? Or you talked to him, but he never told you of his true identity?

Some years later you find yourself in Heaven and you come before God and realize that you had met and Shook Your Fathers Hand

I don’t know if God walks this Earth incognito, but I think it is interesting to think of the repercussions – how do you treat strangers? I think we should treat each other, strange or well known, the same as you never know whose hand you are shaking.


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