Objects At Rest

Sir Issac Newton suggested some three hundred and twenty-four years ago that Objects in Motion Tend to Stay in Motion, while Objects at Rest Tend to Stay at Rest.

Now when Mr. Newton suggested these ideas that would over time become scientific laws, I’m not sure he was thinking of Humans as the objects. But as I have observed over the years I find this law applies equally to us mere mortal humans.

How many times have you heard of someone retiring and shortly thereafter they become sick and die! You see, their mind and body stopped their motion and simply went to a resting state.

The “resting” of one’s mind is a common problem that many suffer from. I think our society is configured wrong when it comes to continuing education. Most of us in the US get a decent education for twelve years and then some continue to get four more years at a college or university. Very few continue after starting their career to get an advance degree or through self-exploration to continue their quest for knowledge.

But most disturbing is that so many people simply stop learning. It seems that people get into a routine of life and expect that what they’ve learned as a young person will take them to retirement.

Remember that Minds at Rest tend to say rested, minds in motion tend to stay in motion!


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