Mediocrity, It Fits Well…

Another week ends, another famous person dies, politicians take a break from their deeds, Summer comes to a close, Winter begins her ascent and I write another rambling of words!

It seems over the past year my mind has going through a mid-life pause and reflection. What have I done? Where am I going? Who am I? Who do I want to be? Who do I want to be remembered as? I wrote a blog rambling the other day where I looked up the fact there are around 6.9 billion people on Earth RIGHT NOW! Sometime next year there will be seven billion people rambling around this little blue marble we call home! Seven billion minds at work!

Like you, of those seven billion people I probably know at deep level maybe ten to twenty people. Isn’t that crazy that I can only call a handful out of seven billion people my really good friends. I think when I die maybe a few hundred people will have ever really known me and who/what I was all about.

As I reflect about my life I realize that I have not done all that I thought I would do. I have less than half the time left on this Earth than when I first started some forty four years ago.

Do we ever feel as if we have accomplished all that we could accomplish or is our time here just a journey of what we actually do and that it is good enough to just LIVE!

I fear that for the vast majority of the seven billion people on Earth Mediocrity Fits Well for them. They become comfortable, they accept what life is, accepts what life gives them.

I hope that the time I have left on this Earth will be used for great purposes. I hope that all the souls I know and will ever know will always strive for a great journey of life!


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