The Truth, The Internet, Common Sense & Intelligence

So what does The Truth, The Internet and Common Sense all have in common?

I’m sure you thought of many commonalities during the pause I hope you took to think about an answer!

Well, first of all each takes Intelligence to find and use! With more than 6.9 billion human beings in existence at this very moment in time, The Truth can be difficult to find. The facts of any one event in time can become easily manipulated and distorted.

With the adoption of the Internet across the planet, people, by their very nature of telling a story slowly change the facts, either by ignorance or on purpose for the purpose of deception.

So, it takes Common Sense to read an email that touts fact and determine if it deceptive or factual.

I find many emails arrive in my Inbox that are partially true and have been cleverly changed to support some persons vision of The Truth. I find that so many people live in “their reality” and they are daily trying to fit the facts and actions of their fellow human beings into “their reality”.

In today’s world, we must use Common Sense and Intelligence to take all the information from The Internet we receive and figure out The “Real” Truth.

There’s this fellow on the radio whose favorite saying is “don’t believe a word I say until you can independently confirm ‘my’ facts!” I say that is a good course of action with all data and information, especially if you get it from the Internet. There are so many ways to cross check information on the Internet. Don’t be lazy!

The Truth is out there!

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