The “Burning Bush”

It has been a while now that I’ve had these thoughts in my mind. And the other day, while sitting at my trusty brown leather chair in the living room I had an Eurika moment. Now I’m not the most spiritual person on the planet. But I have always been one to talk about my love for God/Jesus/THG (The Holy Ghost) to anyone when the conversation would come up. But I’m not the type to throw my beliefs into someone’s face.

In November, 2009, a friend of mine passed away. Writing about him in my blog brought back the memories of the first time over twenty something years ago when I finally heard The Holy Ghost telling me that God was speaking to me through my friend. Once you’ve had a moment like that, your life is never the same. You start to see things from a different perspective.

More and more over the past few months, I’ve been hearing the words of God. At church the sermons are so close to what is going on in my life and apply so much to me. When I hear a friend talk I can hear His words. When I hear a song on the radio I can hear His words. When I see a story about a man who shielded his wife from a mad gunmen, I hear His words.

Being the imperfect human I am, my sub-conscious says “his voice can’t be around you that much.”

And then, in that brown leather chair of mine, His words said to me “I am, here, always, with you!”

You see my friends, the world of naysayers tells us that God is this mysterious entity that exist “somewhere” up there, in Heaven, separated from our presence.


God is here with us! When we ask him into our hearts, we become a changed being. We become one with God, His presence is in us and is all around us if only we open our eyes! 

My good friend, who happens to be my cousin, and I started talking about how God talks to us. I mentioned that so far in my life I’ve never had a “Burning Bush” episode with God like Moses had on that mountain. But I can tell you with full assurances that God is here, walking with us ALL OF THE TIME, speaking to us and engaged fully with us.

My prayer for the world today is simple, I hope that the lost find His love and that we ALL open our eyes a bit more to see that God has not forsaken us. That he is with us always!




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4 responses to “The “Burning Bush”

  1. Terry Phillips

    So true, I know god exists because I have felt his presence in my life. Because of trinity he can be in heaven and here with us.

  2. Janie

    He is here…in each of us. His spirit dwells within as we accept him as Lord. He uses people, both Christian and non-christian, circumstances and events to speak to us constantly.

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  4. Cindie Horton

    Sometimes we simply wonder around in the smoke of life not really understanding or realizing that where there is smoke there is fire. “Seek and you will find,” He tells us. To have that burning bush moment requires that we’re ready–and God certainly has a role in determining when we’re ready, yes?–and willing to have it, just as Moses finally became to be. …A great insight, Herschel. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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