Remembrance and Resurrection

Elephants have remarkable memory and as they pass the bones of their fallen loved ones they show a sense of love and compassion.

Us mere mortals don’t understand the language of the Elephants, but we can clearly see the love of the Elephant.

In today’s world of instant gratification and instant communications and instant everything we sometimes forget the past. It seems that we are always looking to the future to come our way and save us, to make us better, to give us something we all need.

But it is the past that binds humanity together. The past is common to us all, even though we separately experience events in the present, once those moments and events occur, they become the past for us all.

Like the Elephants, we all remember the past as it effected us all. I wasn’t at ground zero on 9/11, but it effects me even to this day – it is my past as it is for those who lost loved ones that day.

I wasn’t there on that day when a man from Galilee, nailed to a cross, spilled heavenly blood and then died for us all. But now, every moment of every life is bound to that past moment.

Remembrance insures resurrection. All that has passed becomes a part of each of us all – all of the good, the bad and the ugly of humanity — all bound into our shared consciousness.


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