Are You Going To Awaken In The Morning?

The past few weeks have been full of change for me in my life. Changes that ask me to reflect on all that life and this world has bestode to me.

During this time of change actions of others and incidents have shown me that life is but a chorus of constant change. Even if you live in a small town or big city, even  if the change is slow or the change is fast, change is constant in our universe and constant in our lives.

Sometimes the change is abrupt and uncomfortable and then sometimes we welcome change like we welcome a fresh spring morning.

A friend of mine commented the other day that they were sad and depressed, that life’s changes hasn’t been so gentle on them and that they were ready for the blessed reunion with the father. My answer at the time was re-actionary and full of grit. I remember defiantly remarking that no matter how hard life may get, there is still tomorrow!

But the more I’ve thought about this conversation, the more these words came to my heart “Are You Going To Awaken In The Morning?”

A simple question that sometimes brings into focus that which seems blurry and obtuse. If you are depressed, work in a lousy job, have no money or otherwise are very sad, ask yourself this simple question – ARE YOU GOING TO AWAKEN IN THE MORNING?

If you are not, as calous as this may sound, you will worry no longer. Either you’ll be 1) with the divine God of man, 2) DRT (dead right there) 3) In the place of perpetual pain and suffering (Hell) or 4) Somewhere else yet not known to man!

In any case, you’re pain and suffering here on Earth and in this realm of reality will be over.

But if you do plan on awakening in the morning a suggestion I have – MAKE TOMORROW A BETTER DAY THAN TODAY in whatever is aflicting you. Even if you only make tomorrow one percent (1%) better than today, in exactly 365 days you’ll be about 37 times better off. Yes, in one year you’ll be making more money, have lost weight, have reduced your anxiety, have become more joyful, have found a friend or two, have found greater peace of mind or any other thing you want to change in your life.

All this can happen IF and only IF you only want it to happen. You don’t have to make the change happen over night to have an impact – you just have to make a decision to wake up in the morning and make a change a little bit at a time.



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3 responses to “Are You Going To Awaken In The Morning?

  1. BOA

    Shouldn’t the title say, “Are you going to wake up in the morning?” Being grammatically correct makes it a little easier to analyze life.

  2. BA,
    I readily admit that I am not the muse of grammar.

    However, the definition of Awaken is:
    a•wak•en (-wkn)
    tr. & intr.v. a•wak•ened, a•wak•en•ing, a•wak•ens
    to cause to become awake or conscious;

    So, to me, and in the context of what I am trying to say, in life you constantly have choices. Although on one hand you have no choice if your heart beats, you do have a choice of if you want to stop your heart from beating.

    The same is with waking up in the morning. At some point you have to cause yourself to wake up and become concious and face the day. At some point you have to get out of bed and make it a better day.

    Is it a perfect title? No. Is it better than “Are you going to wake up in the morning?”

    Call it writer’s prerogative.

  3. BA,
    I am, however, glad that you are reading, even if my grammar isn’t up to snuff!

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