“Hello? Right On!”

He’s gone.
To a better place I know.
The pain of his earthly flesh now at rest.

His spirit never died, never lied and kept alive
The faith of our God throughout his life…
And now he has gone.

But he did not leave us alone.
For all that he touched he left a little of himself.
Pieces of heaven for all us mortal men.

One day, when we all hear that final call.
He will be there to welcome us all.
Then as well as now I will profess, the love he gave, never at rest!

EMCWorld20060016A young man has gone before his time. A friend, a father, a husband and a child of God has ventured ahead of us. I will miss Zac!

From the first moment I met Zac he and I knew we had a connection – a connection to to each other through technology, through humor, through our philosophic inquiries, but most of all through our common love for God.

I can still see him and I talking intensely about something and him pausing, smiling and say, “man, isn’t this great!”

My prayers go out to Mandy, his children and his entire family. We have lost someone special.



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2 responses to ““Hello? Right On!”

  1. Janie

    Thank you for sharing this. A beautiful poem…
    Although I did not know him, I am sure he was a wonderful, Godly man, as he has impacted your life tremendously. Praise God!

  2. Janie

    I read Zach’s blog and left a comment. What a beautiful family.

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