A final lesson from Joel Spolsky on blogging

Do you have a blog? Why do you write one? Me, I write because I 1) have something to say, 2) want to record my thoughts so when I’m old an forgetful I have a means to remember who I was and 3) so that maybe someone reading my thoughts might just learn something from me and have a better life!

So, get this, if you or I had an average of 2,262,248 people per year looking at your blog over the past ten years and 22,894 of them sending me an email do you think you would quit writing in your blog? I know I would have a hard time of letting go.

But Joel Spolsky of www.joelonsoftware.com is quitting retiring from blogging.

Over the past ten years he’s posted 1067 articles on his blog and I’ve read most, if not all of them. I started reading his blog several years ago and I’ve learned at boat load of business sense from him. Even though I’m not a real software developer I still am able to read about his growth as an entrepreneur and I gain insight from him.

So like I said earlier, he said he’s done with blogging. He said he’s not totally done with writing, just that he’s done with the particular style and type of essays he’s been writing. You can read the explanation here – http://www.joelonsoftware.com/items/2010/03/14.html.

Joel has a lot of good points as to the current state of blogging. But he’s not totally on target. At issue with me is that much of blogging IS “opinion” and the blogging medium is, in my opinion, the best form for such style of writing.

There is, though, a big problem in today’s society in that science, news and opinion has become mangled together and the average person doesn’t have a super, duper, super-hero decoder ring to decipher the difference between the three. And sadly, many people who write think that their opinion is scientific fact or news when clearly they are not.

Without digressing to far, I think we need more bloggers like Joel. We need smart, insightful, witty people giving of themselves and their experiences. Writing good stuff isn’t easy – it’s a talent and skill that you have to work on. Even in his last blog essay (http://www.joelonsoftware.com/items/2010/03/17.html) Joel manages to teach us that it is important to have an open mind and to be willing to change and see things from a new perspective.

I’m sad to hear that Joel is leaving mainstream blogging behind. I will keep Joel in my Google RSS reader and when I see a new post from him be excited to see what he’s up to and what he has to say.

You see, whenever you find someone smart and who is willing to depart of their wisdom freely it is in turn a smart thing to listen to them.

Joel, I’ll be here waiting to listen. Good luck in whatever you do and thanks for the great stuff you’ve given freely over the years.

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