Kiva – Helping Other’s Help Themselves

I kept thinking that when I “made it” and had big bucks that I’d start a foundation and do some charity work.

I’m still waiting on “making it” in my mind and yet I haven’t done anything until a couple of months ago.

A while back I read a story about Kiva.Com. Kiva is the first online, micro-financing, non-profit, organization that makes it possible for people like me to help people around the world that need funding to make a better life for themselves and their families.

Micro-financing allows poor people, in mostly third world countries, to apply for small loans so they can open a business and work themselves out of poverty. I love this concept because it is fundamental – human beings don’t want hand-outs, they want to be independent and self sufficient. Sometimes they need a little support to make things happen and that is where Kiva comes into the picture.

Kiva makes it easy for ordinary people of modest means, like me, to be able to help. I can loan as little as $ 25.00 to a entrepreneur and Kiva makes the transaction transparent and easy to execute.

So if you never thought that you could help someone out, just for the cost of a meal and movie you could be part of changing someone’s life!

Here are my current loans…



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