The Soda Pop Connoisseur

I admit it, I like soda pop. Up until January 1st I’d easily drink three to five a day.

That all changed though as I started working on my ever increasing belly diameter. You may not realize it, but a twenty ounce Coke has about 240 calories, but oh man is it good.

A while back while watching a T.V. show they showed a store in Los Angeles that sells nothing but about 400 different kinds of soda pop – 400 varieties.

I looked into the site a few weeks back and they ship – they ship. So, to reward myself for loosing twenty pounds so far I ordered a few.

SodaPopLifeThe Black Lemonade by Real Soda, Inc. – – This was an interesting bluish-blackish soda. I didn’t really get the Lemon-ade taste, but I fount it refreshing.

The Bubble Up by Orca Beverage Soda Works – OrcaBeverage.ComI enjoyed this lemon-lime mixture from Orca. The lemon-lime combination grows on you.

Red Ribbon Cherry Supreme by NatronaBottlingCompany.Com – I enjoyed this Cherry refreshment, not to heavy on the cherry taste, but good to the last drop.

Boylan Cane Cola by Boylan Bottling CompanyBoylanBottling.Com – Since I fancy the “cola” I tried this and found it to be a very good cola.

Coca-Cola (imported). This has been imported from Mexico where they still use real cane sugar.  I haven’t compared this to a off-the-shelf US corn syrup formula yet, but when I do I’ll update this post.

There are two things I did notice about drinking each of these sodas. One, a real bottle does seem to make the drinking more enjoyable. Two, I think cane syrup is over rated. Yea, maybe I’m not a seasoned connoisseur of soda’s yet, so don’t flame me for that last statement.

Since I’m on the diet soda train, I’m going to buy other hard-to-find sodas and write about them every now and then as I reward myself for staying on target and loosing this belly blob.

As I find places on the Internet where you can order various soda pop flavors I’ll place them here: – Sodas & More… To Your Door Since 1984


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2 responses to “The Soda Pop Connoisseur

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  2. Kent J

    I know Vernor’s is hardly rare, but Diet Vernors in my book is WAY at the top of any soft drink. Even NON Diet ones. WHen i go on a Vernor’s binge i just can’t get enough. I go off for a while, but i come back. Its great with all kinds of foods and to me is better than any wine i ever had, well, i actually pretty much despise alcohol and those that add to the death of kids by drinking it. Soft drinks never killed anyone.

    Frankly I hate the bias against those of us that puke at the thought of booze and wine and beer. Give me a nice dry root beer ANY day.

    ANd Vernors well.. maybe if i drink too soon after drinking it i am dangerous cause i am in a euphoric state.

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