He Doesn’t Work In Mysterious Ways

When I was a young man in college I had doubts. My mom and father’s relationship was a mess and our family life at that time was stressful. I guess asking God for clarity in times of stress is considered normal. I really didn’t know what to expect from him. But I do remember asking him “God, let me know you’re working in my life, let me know that you are real.” Maybe like so many humans I had accepted the notion that “God works in mysterious ways” and I could only hope that one day I would have understanding.

Jon Krieger, my college room mate at the time, dad was doing some consulting work and had been told by Jon that I was this computer guru. Mr. Krieger asked if I’d like some part-time work helping out with some computer/accounting issues and I said sure.

I didn’t know Mr. Krieger very well at that time, but one day after work we started discussing my personal life and the turmoil I was going through.  Mr. Krieger shared with me some of the hard times he had went through as a young man and shared with me his love for God. I remember him telling me how God had saved him and gave him a good life with his family. He and I talked for a couple of hours about life and God and somewhere during that conversation I realized that God was speaking to me through Mr. Krieger. It was as if a light clicked on and my mind was freed from the darkness of uncertainty. After so many prayers God was showing me that he is real, and contrary to popular belief, he doesn’t work in mysterious ways.

You see, God works through people.

Everyday, people like Mr. Krieger are vessels of God’s love.

Over the years Mr. Krieger and I became good friends and looking back today I know that God brought him into my life and with that he enriched my life more than I would ever know.

Jon called me yesterday and told me that his dad was in an accident. Today, he called me with the news that Mr. Krieger didn’t make it. Today I am saddened that I have lost a friend. But I know with no doubts that the life Mr. Krieger led was full of love and joy. Love for his wife, love for his son and his son’s family, and most of all love for his God.

The God that showed me one day in a parking lot that he is no mystery. The God that showed me through a mortal man that God is with us everyday and everywhere. The very same God that showed me that all we have to do is open our eyes to see him.

I will miss Mr. Krieger. But I know that he is with God and I rejoice for him and I am so thankful to God for bringing Mr. Krieger into my life.

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4 responses to “He Doesn’t Work In Mysterious Ways

  1. Courtney "Corky"

    Thank you for your wonderful comments about my beautiful brother. He gave his family the best gift ever…the real peace of mind that this man is with God. I loved him dearly.

  2. ginny

    HH – I’m lacking any poignant words but want to convey that reading this post has touched my heart. I’m so glad that you found Mr. Kreiger {or that God strategically placed him} and that thru him, you were able to know the Lord more deeply. Prayers to you and his family as you mourn your loss…

  3. Jon Krieger

    My Dad
    My dad always said, “If you are struggling with what to say, just speak the truth that’s in your heart and you can’t go wrong.” This is how my dad lived. When he didn’t know what to do or the next step to make, he allowed the truth in his heart to lead him.
    The truth for my dad began over forty years ago with a small step of faith and a prayer that led him to believe in God. The prayer was simple and from his heart. He asked God to give him three things in life, a son to pass along his family name, a happy home, and a loving wife. As he witnessed his prayer being answered, his faith in God began to grow.
    A few years after moving to Monroe to work for Oxford Industries, he was promoted to a vice-president position in Los Angeles, California. He quickly missed the small town lifestyle where people really got to know and care for each other. Monroe was a place where real relationships could be developed. After two years in California, he resigned from his job with no idea of what he would do next. When his boss asked what he was planning on doing he said, “I’m going to move back to Monroe, Georgia and buy a restaurant.” He said the words came out as if someone else was saying them. He had no restaurant experience and didn’t even know if there was a restaurant in Monroe that was for sale. My dad’s words became prophetic as he returned and bought the Monroe Grill, he later named Little Jon’s. It wasn’t long after this that dad accepted Christ as God’s son. Now he had a role model he wanted to follow too.
    As his faith grew he learned to let God lead him through life’s circumstances and events, and to treat those that crossed his path as a continued part of God’s plan. This didn’t mean that getting along with, or working for my dad, was always easy. If he had an opinion on something, which most of the time he did, he was going to let you know. If he had a way he wanted something done, then it needed to be done that way. And if you ever got into a debate with him and were ready for it to be over, you better see it his way or either agree to disagree. But if you chose the second option, you never felt like my dad held it against you. He loved and respected you even if your opinion was different. He just wanted to make sure you knew what you stood for and that you could defend it.
    My dad would be the first to tell you that his faith did not make him financially rich. But even in the tough times he kept his eyes on his role model and gave what he could. There are so many of you that have shared your stories with us this week. I believe his character and trust in God was strengthened through these tough times. It also allowed him to mend some broken relationships and develop and nurture so many others. Later, as other business adventures and endeavors developed it brought him into more and more relationships and these became his riches.
    My dad also enjoyed life and was like a big kid. He didn’t believe that being a Christian meant you couldn’t have fun. Through golf and motocross, two sports he loved, he had even more opportunities to create special bonds and bring further joy to his life. Riding and racing dirt bikes was a passion that I had first. He got hooked by the second race and bought a bike for himself. The races were mostly held on Sunday, church day, but he found a way to share his faith with countless numbers of spectators and riders. He never rode his motorcycle without proudly wearing his red, “Team Jesus” jersey that displayed a large shield and cross. He led the Christian motocross team for five years.
    On November 29th we lost a great man, father, grandfather, husband, brother, uncle and friend. Even though we will miss him, we must remember his prayer forty years earlier wasn’t for an easy or long life, but for a son, a happy home and wife. Our comfort now lies in the memories that we had with him, the family and friends surrounding us, and most importantly, that he now is in the happiest of all homes, Heaven. My dad’s love for me and my mother will never be forgotten. He always put our needs ahead of his. His two grandsons won’t forget him either and have many great memories of him as well. They will always cherish their golf outings, dirt bike rides at their Papa’s track, and his loud cheers at almost all of their ballgames.
    My father’s life was a testament to how great God is, how He can change us, and how He can work through us. There’s no doubt the last few days have been life changing for me and my family. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. My hope is that these words have given you a true picture of my dad’s life. My family wants you to know how much your expressed love, thoughts, and prayers have meant to us.
    Finally, as most of you know, translated into English, the German word Krieger means Warrior. Dad was this for his God, his family, and many others in this community. Thank you for being here for us and being a part of my dad’s life. Thank you and God Bless.

  4. Jon, thanks for sharing you love for your dad and thanks for introducing him to me so many years ago. I will miss him…

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