In Search of Eden

I live in a wonderful country. The “Dice of the Stork” rolled well when I was born and I have been given a great gift to live in the United States of America.

Here we have many freedoms and abilities to live our lives as we, the individual sees fit. Sure, there are problems and issue. Sure, things could be better. But at the core of my soul I know that America and American’s, as a people, are good – good to each other and good for the world.

Where else in the world do so many diverse individuals live together in a general state of well being?

It does however, seem that since the late sixties America and American’s have been in a constant struggle. Social and economic boundaries have been pushed and as the world has moved into the 21st century it seems that America has become more fragmented.

My mind strays thinking about the world’s situation today. I try to draw perspective by drawing on history of the human beings. Has there really ever been a time when humans never struggled with life? Was there ever a time when humanity “had it made?”

While watching an interview of Michael Moore by Wolf Blitzer I realized that most people are simply “In Search of Eden.” I don’t agree with Moore on a lot of his ideas, but I think, if I were God and could search into his soul that he really is searching for Eden on Earth. That, in some way, he does want to see our world, our country and our people “better off.”

HOWEVER, I’m not so sure if Eden or Heaven can be found by a group of people. I think ultimately it has to be found by individuals.

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