What If You Had Seven Days To Live?

Do you remember that movie Field Of Dreams where the main character (Kevin Costner) heard a voice tell him to build it and he will come?

What if you heard a voice and the voice said “Saturday will be your last day, call my name when you are ready to go.” Kind of creepy huh?

This got me thinking what if you knew or thought you had seven days to live? If you new without any doubts would you quit your job? Would you make amends to those who you have offended in life? Would you do something exciting that you always dreamed of doing? Or would you just live your life as you’ve always done?

I’m not sure that knowing for sure when you will die versus not really knowing for sure are really different from each other.

You see, we are all going to die. We all have an appointed day and time when we will be called away from the flesh of our bodies. With this absolute fact facing us shouldn’t we do the things that need to be done prior to our unknown departure?

We should all have last will and testaments. We should all make amends to the ones we have offended in life. We should do the exciting things that we dream of doing and we should live our lives with no regrets. There are so many things that in life we should do before our appointed time comes, even if we don’t know when the appointment is scheduled.

I’ve got a lot of things to do… what about you?


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