What Would You Change

I’ve been listening. Listening to the world murmur. Listening to the republicans, listening to the democrats, listening to the independents, listening to the Muslims, listening to the Christians, listening to the world.

Just listening.

It seems like everyone has something to say. And if you listen long enough it doesn’t seem like any two groups have the same thoughts or opinions in common about issues that we all need to deal with.

So I listen. Yes, sometimes I grow impatient listening, sometimes I get mad, sometimes I laugh and sometimes I cry. But I still listen.

For you see I’m trying to figure out what the truth might be. I’m trying to figure out what we should do to solve the problems that plague our society.

I decided a while back to listen more to what people are saying. At some point maybe I can figure out why they say what they say.

Although I don’t have ten thousand readers of my blog I would like to listen to what the readers of my blog think.

So my question today is “What would you change about America and why?”

Even if it is just one thing, what would it be.

Besides you leaving a comment with your thoughts, tell your friends to stop by and leave a comment with their thoughts.

I’m listening…


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One response to “What Would You Change

  1. Dark Angel

    The true answer lies in progress, and not in change. Many do not understand that change does not equate progress by default. If change were the solution, than all things should be progressively better every day, for isn’t every day filled with change?

    The true anwer of what we need lies in the power of wisdom, and not in random facts of knowledge. Without wisdom, knowlege is worthless, corruptable, and misrepresented.

    How can anyone change the world, a country, a community, or even a family, if at first they do not change themselves?

    What we need is to discard the worthless information, and to clear our minds of the accumulation of needless facts. We need to open ourselves to a level of understanding that requires more than a SAT score, an eloquant prose, or a well metered speech. We need to accept a new level of thinking and understanding that requires higher thought process than what can easily be presented by the use of a quick tongue, a smooth line, and a few worthless facts.

    Every day we strive to fight against death, but in the end, do we not all die? Americans need to be happy they are alive, to feel the sun on their faces, and to taste the breath in their lungs. Everything else is merely vanity, greed, gluttony and the like.

    What America needs is to fall out of love with money, and fall back in love with life.

    Just my two cents.

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