Dying Sucks!

For thousands of years, since the beginning of the first man’s first conscious thought, I suspect that man has pondered the tough question of “what happens when we die?” Where do we go? Do we exist after our physical body has expired?

Much smarter and wiser men than I have spent years thinking through this question. One of my favorite philosophers Socrates did a pretty good job of giving a possible explanation. Then there are religions that provide a pretty nice explanation.

File:Christus Ravenna Mosaic.jpgI’m sure each of us at some time in our life go through what I call “an awakening” in which we realize that our life is fleeing and we ask about the possibilities of eternity and then we make a decision as to what will happen after we die. I know over my forty-two years of life I have thought about my eternal existence on more than one occasion.

Recently my thoughts turned back to dying because a friend of mine learned that he has cancer. Being a young man myself I started thinking about him and his family. I can’t imagine what he’s going through, what his wife must be going through, what his children must be going through.

While thinking about my friend’s plight I realized that dying sucks!

Yea, dying really, really sucks.

Thinking about my friend’s plight brought back memories of all the people I’ve loved over the years who have passed away. These people that I’ve loved are gone from my presence. Their bodies that I recognized and touched and loved are at rest now.

Thinking about my friend’s plight also reminded me of my loved ones that are much older and for who’s time is fleeing. One day they shall too leave my presence and for that I will be filled with sorrow.

But thinking about my friend’s plight reminded me of something so important.

Being a conscious, self-aware being consisting of mind, body and soul I know that when my loved ones leave my physical presence they are resurrected. They are resurrected to live forever in the hearts and minds of the people they’ve touched and they have loved. But more importantly, I know without any doubts that they are resurrected to live forever in the presence of the maker of us all. I know that though we may be separated by a physical barrier of flesh we shall still always be one in spirit!

Thinking of my friend reminded me that we are all dying. Some of us are a little further down the road to redemption, but we are all going to get their eventually.

I think it is tragic for young person to leave this world before their time. But I know that there is a reason for all that happens even if I can’t understand the reasons.

Thinking of my friend reminds me that living everyday here on this Earth and being in the presence of the ones I love is truly a gift.

I hope and pray for my friend in his time of need. He is a wonderful person with a great mind and I know my life is and will be always be better off due to his friendship.

Yes, dying really does suck, but no matter what happens we will always live, no matter if it is in a physical or spiritual form.



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4 responses to “Dying Sucks!

  1. I’m not gonna die for a long time. But my six year old cousin has cancer and so did my aunt. She passed away a while back….

    • Callan,
      I hope you’re here for a very, very long time and I’m sorry for your lost… There’s really no way we can express the loss of someone who leaves us before their time. I guess the lesson is to love each other as much as we can while we are here – tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

  2. good day

    so trite we humans are. for we cannot help ourselvesiit would be great not to suffer but in the flesh and soul we do. ther is no joy in either. our Lord knew that.And yet he bore the cross for our sins. and in the end of his horrible pains he cried out to his father thinking in his agony that his father left him. what good father would leave his child? we are flesh GOD is the father to all of us for those who hold HIM always in our hearts. Jesus was GODS truth and light that HE showed to us the ultimate sacrifice HE would make for our salvation.. There is no GREATER love that will come upon us individually than GODS love . It is beyound words. It is beyound imaging.. I would die to kiss the bottom of his son CHRISTS robe. I pray that in my last moments of physical life i have Jesus name on my lips. for love your sons wives daughters brothers sisters parents aunts uncles neighbors as hard and as fast as you can and truely forgive the treespasses because yours have been forgiven. be brave and hold GODS SON JESUS to your very soul.HIS blessing are yours on your OPEN heart to HIM. Be kind to each other and fdorgive each other as CHRIST would do no matter how hard it seems to do. I say and think BLESS all of you and help us to love and protect each other from the darkness in our wourld. AMEN..

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