Happy Birthday

Ahh, birthday anniversaries come and go. For me, I’ve never been a big birthday  anniversary celebrating person. I’m not quite sure why I’m not so big on a birthday anniversaries. I thought for my 40th it would be a big deal, but like so many birthday anniversaries before the 40th wasn’t that big of a deal for me.

But for many people, celebrating the day they were born is very important. And now that I have a little baby I appreciate and relish her birthday anniversary more than I appreciate and relish my own. I guess deep down I’m not so excited about actually aging. It’s not that I mind aging – it is just the process can be painful at times.

As my 42nd birthday anniversary came and went yesterday I started thinking about what it should really mean. We always congratulate people on their birthday anniversary, give them a gift or such. Most people see a birthday anniversary as a celebration of their life. But for some reason it came to me that we should look at our own birthday anniversary from a different perspective.

I think we should actually thank other people on our birthday anniversary for helping us make it through another year and being able to celebrate another birthday anniversary.

Like I told my mom yesterday when she called, as she always does on my birthday anniversary, “thanks mom for laying on that bed and laboring and birthing me into this world. Thanks for feeding me and changing my dirty diapers. Thanks for the support and love for me and my little family this past year…” And then I thought of all the family and friends who I am very thankful for as they make my life complete and worth living. And of course I thank God, my wife and my baby for giving so much to me everyday.

You see, celebrating one’s birthday anniversary is actually a big deal no matter how you celebrate it.

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  1. Happy belated birthday! My father feels that his birthday is not very important and has stopped counting them. This year I told him if he doesn’t keep track, they might not let him retire 😛 I hope you had a good one this year and have many more to come.

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