One Positive Thought!

I’ve had a blog for some years now. Over the past seven years I’ve posted two hundred and sixty five items. Some of my blog entries have been short and some long, some good and yes, some bad. But I really have enjoyed writing and sharing my thoughts and have enjoyed the comments of people who have passed by and shared their thoughts with me.

Sometimes I wish I had the drive to write more often in my blog, to share more of my life, to share more of my thoughts. I think somewhere deep in my sub-conscious I have a feeling that by sharing my “thoughtful” thoughts that I can change the world in some manner. You see, words are the beginning of the process of change. Thoughts of the human mind are, in my opinion, so important and powerful. If you are a believer of evolution you should realize that the human mind is the greatest evolutionary step for any animal to ever exist. If you believe in God you know that our mind is made in the image of God’s, which is the most powerful mind in the universe. So it is my opinion that the mind is indeed where all of our existence starts.

Yes, you must have action to follow-up what the mind thinks.

But, with this blog all I can do is think and write my thoughts to bits and bytes – electronic paper.

So I started thinking that it would be nice to write at least one positive thought a week. I’m usually not very good at keeping to a defined schedule, but I’m going to try.

Can One Positive Thought a week make a difference in the world? I hope so. If all that happens is my mind is re-focused once a week to think positive about my life and our world then it will be a worthwhile endeavor.

So, I challenge you to have at least One Positive Thought and to share it with the world. You just never know what deeds will come from them!



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2 responses to “One Positive Thought!

  1. That’ a great thought. Lately I’ve been finding myself with mostly negative thoughts and just venting, having many unfinished draft posts on my blog. I think that by focusing on one positive thought a week and posting that, I could focus on what’s good, and enhance that, as opposed to reflecting on “all that is bad” and spinning further down the hole of despair and cynicism.

    • Exactly, you’ve got what I was thinking… over the last six months America has gone through tough times. Sometimes I wonder if it is because we “thunk” ourselves into the depressed state?

      We have to think of better ways to work out our problems, to think about what we have in life, to make a positive difference. I look forward to reading your One Positive Thought!

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