America, is still, The Beautiful

So, my friend’s wife Ginny wrote recently in her blog about the current state of American politics. She said “I am fed up with all the commercials, bumper stickers, fliers and news commentaries touting one candidate as our savior and the other as the devil incarnate.”

She went on to discuss her feelings and that she is tired of a lot of what is going on with the 2008 presidential election process. And I agree with her in many ways. This election cycle has as well been so draining on me as well

I could spend hours detailing the things that upset me with the state of politics today. But, to be honest with you, detailing such things would only depress me more and really not serve a positive purpose.

WHAT I really wanted to say today is this:

Even with the negatives that have occurred over the past two years I still believe that America, is still, The Beautiful. American’s still have a great standard of life compared to the world. We still have freedoms that people dream of living in. We still can wake up each morning and choose to make our lives better. We still can worship the God we choose. We still can disagree with each other in a civil and safe manner. We still can engage each other in meaningful discussions on what is important for the country.

I could go on and on as to what we still can do in this country. But the greatest thing that we still can do is to travel to a poll next Tuesday and stand alone in a voting booth and to cast a vote for what we believe. In doing this activity we tell the word that AMERICA, is still, THE BEAUTIFUL. For this I am very grateful. How about you?


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