Enslaving the Masses

So, if you were an evil person or very aggressive, money hungry, entrepreneur business person or a politician in search of wealth, power, fame or all three, you might find yourself thinking to yourself “How can I guarantee future wealth, power and fame and ensure that I can repeat success time and time again and that people will look at me as their savior?”

How would you do this in today’s world of “democracy” and “freedom?”

How would you control people’s lives without them even realizing that they were indeed being controlled?

In a modern world where slavery is detested as an evil activity of a bygone era, how would you by proxy enslave your fellow human beings?

I think you could achieve these goals by making life so comfortable by providing to the masses the basic necessities of life so that they would eventually choose to be provided for instead of providing for themselves.

Once people were dependent on you for the real necessities of life such as food, clothing and shelter, you would then re-educate them into thinking that secondary wants and desires of life like a new car every three years, iPods, expensive clothes, big screen LCD televisions, destination weddings and other similar things are of course necessary for “the good life.” And this is where your master plan really takes hold. Incrementally you condition the masses to desire the “good life” even though they don’t have money to pay for it. You would make it easy for them to get credit and to purchase these “lifestyle necessities” now. This would in turn put people into debt for things that have no lasting value, not to you personally, but to the system that YOU created, control and derive great profits from. You have created a perfect system to enslave the masses while you never have any direct attribution for the deed!

Now, at some point in time, since some of the masses are not totally blind and dumb, you would have to have diversions for them, else they figure out the truth. Within the enslavement system, you create diversions to distract their attention so they have someone, something, or some group to blame for their ever decreasing quality of life. For part of the deception that you created relies on the enslaved masses to feed their selfish egos to further their belief that they deserve the good life and someone is taking it away or holding it back from them.

Ironically, and in a flash of brilliance you figure out how to divert your slaves attention to your true enemies. You see, your real enemies are those who understand your enslavement system. They teach your slaves how to be truly free from the bonds of debt,  uncontrolled desires, addiction, ignorance, stupidity and despair. They teach your slaves that personal accountability and individual achievement is the only way to break the shackles of the slavery that you have created.

Although you have amassed great fortune, fame and power, you still desire more from your slaves. After some time you realize that fortune, fame and power don’t really fulfill your own real needs. You realize that you need love and adoration from your slaves. So, you look for and create opportunities for which you can become their ultimate savior from the uncertainties and harshness of the natural world. Besides being their benevolent care giver who provides all for them, you save them from impending disaster and from their enemies and they love you.

After reading this you may think to yourself that it is impossible for this to happen in today’s modern societies – think again. There is more personal and governmental debt today than at any time in the history of the US and the world. People routinely pay on credit for things that neither provide substance nor add lasting value to their lives. Millions of people are admittedly one week to one month away from loosing everything if they lose their job. And in a country where opportunity to educate one’s self to be anything one desires, the US has one of the worse primary education system.

In my opinion, the masses have become takers instead of givers, whiners instead of winners and blamers for their personal failures in life.

I see the spirit of freedom, personal choice and accountability slowly dying and being replaced with the invisible shackles of slavery and bondage.

But their are beacons of hope in this chaos of slavery who try to enlighten and educate… Howard, Ramsey, Cuban, Robins and Boortz just to name a few who will help you not become one of the enslaved masses.



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3 responses to “Enslaving the Masses

  1. Hey Herschel!
    I listen to Howard and Ramsey all the time. I don’t know about the other two, but if they are dedicated to waking us all up to take responsibility for ourselves, then more power to them!
    Keep on blogging,
    Doug (school friend of yours)

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