Finding Diamonds In The Snow

I don’t know. Diamonds aren’t usually found lying on the ground, in plain sight, in the snow.

But the other day while reading Bob Lefsetz, because I’m interested in the music business, he made a reference to Michael Hedges, who was a huge twenty carrot diamond that apparently wasn’t noticed until it was to late.

But it started me thinking that with the new technological world we live in, we have to re-program our minds to look for diamonds in all the nooks and cranny’s of this world.

With the size of the Internet and the documentation of man’s knowledge seemingly exploding it will become harder and harder to find diamonds. So how do you find better quality information in today’s world?

Simple! You have to find trusted sources on the subjects you are interested in and pay attention to what they are writing about. You have to have an open mind about new information and you have to have curiosity to keep you looking for the diamonds in the snow.

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One response to “Finding Diamonds In The Snow

  1. Exactly. It is just another form of outsourcing. I was talking with some friends recently and brought up the fact that I could never produce my own food or clothing, so why should I think I should be able to provide for myself in all other areas? Buy, borrow, copy, and learn, that is how things are done in today’s world.

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