He’s no Ronald Reagan, but I like George W. Bush

“I wish for a world free from tyranny: the tyranny of hunger, disease and free from tyrannical governments,” the president wrote. “I wish for a world in which the universal desire for liberty is realized. I wish for the advance of new technologies that will improve the human condition and protect our environment. I wish God’s blessings on all. George W. Bush.” — Personal Japanese Tanabata wish during Great 8 summit, 2008.

I grew up during the Ronald Reagan years, who, as a speaker, had such eloquent ways of communicating his thoughts, hence the nick-name “The Great Communicator.”

Contrasting The Great Communicator is George W. Bush’s inability to be eloquent with his words. But for me, George seems to be one of the guys. His style is laid back and not contrived with highly obtuse imagery and words.

With George, you get what you see and you get what you hear. No pretentiousness and nothing hidden.

I can imagine that if you met George outside of the Office of the President he would be easy to converse with and you would like him.

I like George W. Bush. I am gratefully that he has presided over America during these troubled eight years. Our country has many problems that still remain to be solved, but I truly believe that George looked after our country as best he could and the people of the United States of America are better off due to George W. Bush.

My Japanese Tanabata wish for George W. Bush this day is “George, may the rest of your life be filled with love and joy. May you be received by friends and foes with generosity, affection and respect for the man you are and for the sacrifices you’ve made during your service to your fellow man. I wish this day that when your flesh and bones have long disappeared from the landscape of this earth that your heart and soul shall long be remembered fondly and with love and affection for all generations to come.”


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8 responses to “He’s no Ronald Reagan, but I like George W. Bush

  1. dummidumbwit

    He’ll be allright, Harry Truman left office thinking everyone hated his guts, it’s just politics, I don’t dislike the man.

  2. michaeln

    what a bizarre thing to write! that someone seems amiable, doesn’t mean that they are also capable in the position they hold. you may have grown up in the “Reagan Years”, but it seems like you spent the last eight in treatment. please explain why you feel
    “the people of the United States of America are better off due to George W. Bush”. i am very curious

  3. The people of the US of A are better off due to George W. Bush because he took the “War on Terror” very seriously. Some may say Iraq went too far, only time will be the true judge there.

    The threats of a small, extremist faction of Islam are real and as they showed on 9/11 are very capable of striking fear into the world.

    Our society is forever changed with this realization. George W. Bush understands that the threat is real and I believe he took measures he thought protected the citizens of America in accordance with his oath of office.

    In my mind and in the mind of millions of Americans George W. Bush has done what he swore, “…to protect and to serve.”

  4. dummidumbwit

    George W Bush tried to the best of his ability I’m sure of that. FDR and Harry Truman represented change and people wanted the perceived security of Ike, and a brake on the changes of the New Deal. Now it would seem they want change, not the perceived status quo of McCain. Both Truman and Bush did what they felt was right and are good men.The Ronald Reagan of 2008 is a response to George W Bush and ultimately Ronald Reagan, it’s over, enough is enough. It’s the vision thing, we’re back FDR’s banner rises again.

  5. The possibility that you are serious is only slightly scary than thinking you actually exist.

  6. Hey, I have a comment troller. Someone who is interested in degrading other’s opinions without even an attempt at a mature discussion.

    But I have come to understand that with wackie people you can’t have a mature discussion because they will always bring your down to their level.

    And yea, sometimes it is scary for even me to think that I actually exist in this world!

  7. dummidumbwit

    Stop it!!! I’m trying to carry the message of Free wheelin Franklin (my avatar) Delano Roosevelt to these here heathens!!!

  8. Much to the horror of many of my friends, I like him too.

    You should email him your wish. He would love it.

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