Ideas for the Good Life: #001, #002 and #003

If you take all the good ideas you’ve ever had or heard and list them how many would you have?

10, 20, 100 or a 1000?

Would you be able to communicate them in a short but insightful manner?

I started thinking about short, insightful thoughts recently because it I’ve been exposed to a couple recently. I find that life can teach you lessons over a long period of time and then, when you least expect it, life can teach you a lesson in an instant.

In this blog from time to time I’ll express these ideas. For now, I’m not going to comment on these ideas as I think they speak for themselves. If you have any Ideas for the Good Life send me a comment. We can never have too many of these!

Ideas for the Good Life # 001
Only borrow money to pay for things that increase in value.
Credit: Seth Godin’s blog: Urgent personal finance advice 

Ideas for the Good Life # 002
Never ask a question that you don’t really want answered, and be prepared for ALL possible answers.
Credit: Herschel Horton after a discussion with his college girl friend in 1989.

Ideas for the Good Life # 003
In business meetings never give an answer without knowing the reason for the question.
Credit: My boss during a staff meeting on 6/17/2008


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