Contributing to the Noise Infested Internet Echo Chamber

As a kid I use to play in and around this long drainage pipe that was about a quarter mile long and about four foot in diameter. It was dark, cold and you could yell something to your friend on the other side of the pipe and the echo would eventually be heard on the other end. This “echo chamber” held our fascination and we had a lot of fun with it.

You could say that the Internet is the ultimate “Echo Chamber” as it provides a means by which thoughts can be echoed across the world in mere seconds, really cool!

But like kids playing with a drainage pipe, there seems to be so much noise echoing throughout the Internet. This high noise level is inevitable since there are millions, if not a billion or more people on the Internet.

I struggle with my own desire to communicate my thoughts versus the question of wether I am really contributing in a positive manner or simply adding noise to the Internet?

But after thinking about this issue I came to the conclusion that good, honorable, well intended thoughts, no matter how many times they’ve been communicated are worth repeating and repeating and repeating.

I think that with my limited audience that if I repeat good thoughts that one day, at least one of these thoughts will make a positive difference in someone’s life.

So here’s today echo…

Seth Godin wrote in his blog today about personal finances. The guiding principle of his post is this: Only borrow money to pay for things that increase in value.

I’ve listened to many personal finance gurus and none have ever really communicated the importance of debt control in this manner and Seth is in Marketing, not financial management.

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