Writing Is Good For You…

So, a long time ago and what seems so so far away, I had an English teacher who made us write in a journal every day for the twelve week quarter. We hated it so much. Many times I’d wait until Friday morning to write my five entries that needed to be turned in for that week. But, I did write, though I never learned to like it in High School.

Turn the page some twenty years later and journal writing stuck with me. As I furthered my education I found that writing in my journal helped me organize my thoughts, gave me perspective and made me think. To write one must think and then take action on those thoughts to actually, physically write something down.

Several years ago I found blogging technology. I started writing in a blog and haven’t stopped ever since. I have found that writing is good for me. It helps me remember my life a little clearer and hopefully it will help other’s in some way, some time or some where.

If you are thinking about blogging here’s some other people’s ideas on what to do.

Seth Godin

Robert Scoble


Write because you want to write and you’ll see that in time it will pay off in a positive way…

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