Are You Listening

I just have to say I love blogging technology. It is so inspiring to sit in front of a computer and to be able to hear the voices of anyone, anywhere in the world in almost real time. For my virtual friend Robert Scoble, I say blogging hasn’t changed one bit, there are just more voices to listen to if you want.

And for my friend and co-worker who is trying to listen to his heart and his God I want to tell you a story.

When I was about twenty years old my life was in turmoil. I didn’t know if God listened to me. I struggled with my belief system. I prayed many times “God, let me know you are working in my life, that you care for me.” Looking back I can’t believe how young and naive was to think God HAD to answer poor little me. But the beautiful thing I’ve come to appreciate about God is that he does work in my life and he does care and more importantly he talks to me and he answers my prayers, if only I listen. For one day while sitting in a car with a new acquaintance, we were discussing many things in our lives and in a mere second I realized God had put me in that car at that exact time and place and had put my new friend in that car at the same exact time and place. The words and ideas I exchanged with my new friend were words and ideas that God wanted me to hear.

Yea, sometimes I think it would be easier for me if God were to use a burning bush, but to be honest I don’t think there is much in my life that would require that much pomp and circumstance from God – he has my attention as it is. I have found that God speaks to my heart is so many ways. From the thoughts my friends convey in emails, blogs, conversations and from the ideas of radio talk hosts, preachers, movies, songs and in so many other ways that I can’t count. You see, God is in me, with me and around me all the time. I may not like ALL of his answers, but if I desire, I can hear him.

Now, the million dollar question for today is when you listen and hear him, do you take action on his words? And more importantly when God ask you for something do you answer his calling?



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5 responses to “Are You Listening

  1. sorry, I wasn’t listening!

  2. Don’t fret, their are a lot of people who don’t listen and don’t even try.

  3. Definitely right on! It’s so reassuring to know if we are willing to listen, we will get an answer. Although sometimes, we have to wait and be patient!

    God bless you!

    Warm Regards,


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