A Perfect Golfing Moment: Part III

The game of golf requires so many things to go right to hit a shot exactly as the golfer envisioned prior to striking the ball. For me the rarest of all shots is the Hole In One. A hole in one is so rare, yet so exciting and coveted by all golfers.

In my quest to become a better golfer and attain the previously written about

Four Pillars of Golf I should have added the Hole In One as a bonus. For you see, I think a hole is one is like the icing on the cake for a golfer who breaks 80, shoots PAR golf, shoots below PAR and breaks 70.

The thing about a hole in one is that it does require a good bit of skill to hit the ball near the pin, but then there is always a tad bit of luck for the ball to bounce into the cup after hitting near to the pin.

Yesterday while playing a round at Mallard Cove Golf Course in Lake Charles, Louisiana, I hit a perfect ball that hit inches from the cup and then bounced into the cup for my first Hole In One.

The brisk twelve mile per hour wind had me guessing what club to choose as I had an estimated 183 yards to the flag from the tee. Being a high ball hitter, I really have to work at club selection during windy days and in Southwest Louisiana there’s a lot of windy days.

At impact I knew I hit the ball solid. With my follow through I picked up the ball during it’s straight as a arrow flight. I remember whispering to myself “get to the green, get to the green.” I can still see the ball hitting next to the flag and taking a short hop left into the cup. It’s the only time in golf when you really get excited by seeing the ball disappear.

So there, I’ve got one. I hope it doesn’t take another ten years to get my next Hole In One. And I hope it doesn’t take another ten years to shoot below PAR and to break 70.


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