"Intellectual Dishonesty" Is Killing America

Slowly the blood of freedom flows from its veins. A malicious word here, one dishonest thought there, one act of indecency that little by little is killing the spirit of America from the inside-out.

You would have to be a bloody fool to not see the growing divide among the people of America. I know I make such a grand generalization. But in story after story I read a small voice whispers “there it is…”

Every now and then I get into a discussion with a smart person and I ask a pointed question on a subject like taxes and ask “would you give up fifty percent of your income to help the poor.” Inevitably they respond with the answer “yea, no problem.” I then tell them that they are not intellectually honest with their answer and they look at me like I’m crazy.

For you see, if you then asked them to pull out their checkbook and make a ten thousand dollar donation to the United Way they politely decline.


The press hears “the people” saying one thing, but the people of America elect and allow the politicians to act totally contrary.

This ABC News article got me thinking about this subject. I’ve read and seen video of Warren Buffet arguing that rich people aren’t paying enough in taxes. In this particular article he was testifying against repelling the estate tax. A tax that I remind you takes wealth away at the end of a life from Americans who have already paid taxes throughout their lives. Hence, the estate tax has been popularly named the “death tax.”

In previous interviews he’s made the point that from a percentage perspective he’s not paying as much in taxes as people that work for him. But from a numbers perspective he’s paying millions more in taxes than anyone working for him. So there he is, using smoke and mirrors to deflect the truth about taxes. A truth that most people don’t want to hear. A truth that without any doubt in my mind Warren knows the facts about. So based on the facts I have in front of me it is appears that Warren is being Intellectually Dishonest.

By the way, when it comes to who pays the taxes in America here are THE FACTS.

The real problem facing America is that most people don’t want to know the facts. The facts will simply interfere with their opinions. Opinions that are mostly formed out of the dark void of ignorance and stupidity. For me, what is even worse is that there are a class of people who are not ignorant or stupid. These people allow themselves to be lead by their desires for the world to be a better place, no matter what the cost or facts may offer. The people afflicted with this attitude actually have what I call the Do Gooder Disease.

There are so many people who are intellectually dishonest with themselves and this disease will eventually allow people to believe in anything that affirms their belief system.

If I ever met Warren Buffet I’d ask him “What percent of personal income taxes did the top five percent of taxpayers pay in 2002 (the latest year of available data)?” I’d then ask him to pull his check book out and write a check to the Treasurer of the United States for fifty percent of his estimated 52 billion dollar estate.

Warren, why wait for death to give it back to the poor people of the United States? And who better to manage this redistribution of wealth than the efficient Federal Government of the United States of America?


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