Learning From People You Don’t Know

On some conscious level, at some point in your life you may realize that you learn a boatload from people you don’t know.

During your formative years, you learned out of school books from people who wrote those books and I bet for the most part you never even had a clue who or where they were from.

For me, I guess it is easy to pick up a news paper or magazine, read something, learn something new and not even think of the person who wrote the article.

Not “knowing” your source is now so OLD SCHOOL.

For you see, with the Internet and BLOGS you have a direct connection to the author. It may take you some time as it has with me to find bloggers that you can connect and understand, but eventually you can find individuals out on the Internet who have knowledge, who share it willingly and from whom you can learn a great deal about life, liberty and the pursuit of your happiness…

Of the seventeen blogger’s that I subscribe to via RSS and read everyday, there are about three that I would say I really often learn something tangible from them.

  • Seth Godin: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/; Seth gives great business insights from the perspective of marketing. Real marketing isn’t show biz and commercials, it is how you talk to customers and tell them about your company’s products and services. This guy gets customer relationship building and management. I’ve been reading his blog for well over two and a half years and never not learn something from his posts.
  • Joel Spolsky: Joel on Software, http://www.joelonsoftware.com/; Joel is a software developer who started his own company that builds software. His blog chronicles his journey through the process of building a software company and his thoughts on how to build “world-class” commercial software. You may think that just because his blog is about software development that it would be boring to non programmers. If you thought this, you would be dead wrong. His thoughts and opinions on how to create software can be liberally applied to creating any product. Learning from his mistakes and journey is indeed a privilege.
  • Zac Smith; Hello-Righton.com, http://www.hello-righton.com/; I have a real, personal connection to Zac. He and I work at the same company and for about two years we worked on the same team. Long before I started reading Zac’s blog I knew he had a spiritual side about him. I started reading his blog about a year ago. As he states in his blog “The purpose of this blog is to SHEPHERD others.”

Who do you really learn from?


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  1. Good stuff, HH, and thanks for the props. As I peruse my Google Reader list, I realize I know all of them. I need to find some more! Thanks for the nudge.

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