What happens when you get old and rich?

Before I answer this question I want to state an observation… Get a hundred people together from various backgrounds and start talking about taxes and politics and you’ll hear very interesting conversations. You’ll hear smart conversations and you’ll hear plainly stupid conversations. What a smart observation you say?

Anyway, so what does happen when you get old and rich?

Apparently, according to a US Today online article for Warren Buffet he’s going to give away most of his money and then he tells the world that in the US rich people “… unfairly favored rich men like him.”

Did your jaw drop? A rich man saying he’s getting a better deal than one of the secretaries in his office.

emperior A co-worker who I work with and who has over the past few years realized the reality of  who pays the majority of taxes said “I’ve lost all respect for Warren Buffet.” I told him that his conversion to the dark side is now complete (in my best Darth Sidious impersonation).

I told him that I think Warren is just getting old and before he goes bye-bye he wants to ensure that he’s done something good in his life with the money he’s made. Now, I really don’t know if Warren really believes that rich people have an unfair advantage. I would think that a man who could work and manage to accumulate that kind of wealth would know the facts about who really pays the tax bill in the United States.

For you see, if dumb me could find out the facts I think Warren knows the truth as well.

I think for most humans when they are young they are liberal with their views. Young people have a lot of vision for how they think life should be. They are idealist I guess you could say. But as you age and you search out wealth, knowledge or fame, you become more ground in the reality of life. You realize that there are a lot of humans in the world who do not pull their weight. You realize that ignorance permeates our species. You realize that power corrupts and blinds the youthful vision of utopia.

When we start to see the end of our journey is near, I guess we want to know that we made a difference. That our skills, thoughts and existence meant something and this is where I think Warren is now.

So, I haven’t lost respect for Warren, I’m just trying to understand where he’s coming from.

He’s giving his money to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill and Melinda have the time left on this world and motivation to change the world through education, action and resources.

Since I’m not rich I can’t say with one hundred percent certainty that my opinion is on-target. But I can tell you that the facts are the facts. When it comes to taxes, in the United States RICH PEOPLE PAY THE MAJORITY of individual taxes collected. Don’t believe me? QUIT BEING IGNORANT and like my co-worker go out and find the facts out for yourself.

Here’s a head start for you


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