So yesterday I wrote a parody from the movie The Sixth Sense where I imagined a conversation between myself and a friend. The parody is about me seeing “dumb” people all the time, cause I DO!

What prompted me was a little green sticker on a Coke machine at work. You see, someone suggested that our employer turn off just the lights of the vending machines to save money. Come to find out we have so many vending machines that turning off the lights saves about $ 200,000.00 bucks a year.

Not bad if I must say. 200K saves enough money for about two and half salaries. With our company doing layoffs it seems like a good idea to save money where we can. Save 200K and you might save a job or two.

But some DUMB ASS and I really emphasize the words DUMB and ASS had the nerve to write on the little green explanation sticker posted on the machine “Cheapskatss.”

Enough said… “I see them walking around like regular people, they don’t see each other. They only see what they want to see. They don’t know they’re dumb.”

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