A thought on pay-per-post

So a while back when the company Pay Per Post (PPP) entered the market, I signed up. PPP pays bloggers for reviewing products and posting about them. I even did a post and made five bucks. There was a lot of chatter on the blogs and even A-lister Scoble chimed in saying he wouldn’t ever get involved in PPP.

PPP sends me emails every now and then on posting opportunities and 99.99 percent of the time discard them. Today, while reading one of these emails, I happen to notice Pay Per Post’s “featured” daily blogger Huei. She actually has a cute blog that centers around her love for dogs. While looking through her posts, she would put PPP featured ads into her blog posts.

Very irritating and here’s why.

I don’t see any issue in a blogger making money on subject matter where they are experts. If she did PPP of dog products that she’s tested and used with her dog I don’t see anything wrong as long as she is fair in her analysis and she said she was getting paid to post. But for her to do a posting on a used car website… Well, she’s no used car expert and it really disrupts the flow of her blog.

I guess one thing that keeps me interested in a blog is the author has to be consistent with their presentation and flow. The blog has to represent some sorta piece of the author’s personality like with Scoble’s blog or Marcus’s blog or BJ’s blog or even Tony’s blog.

So like any new technology if it is used “right” then it’s a good thing. If it is used “poorly” then it can be pretty boring and lame.


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