Another Stupid Idea From the Music Business

Being a person with interests in the music business I would love for radio stations to pickup a couple of songs from a CD I produced last year. And we would be happy to allow the radio stations to play those songs for no cost other than the customary “writers” royalty fee that they’ve been paying since forever.

You see, air play is how you get fans to hear your music. Airplay above all gets you more record sales.

But it seems as though there are a fair amount of idiots in the music business led by the RIAA who want performance royalties as well. This article discusses the brewing controversy. I guess when you become a popular recording artist and you are bringing in tons of cash you have to find yet another way to squeeze money from someone. Yet another way some of the dummies in the music business are trying to shot themselves in the head and take the music business with them.


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  1. Interesting post on the music business.

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