The Music Business is in Trouble When

You know the music business is in trouble when one of the biggest performing artist says…

“I was bored with the old record company’s jaded view… They’re very confused, and they will admit it themselves: that this is a new world, and they’re a little bit at a loss as to what to do. So they’ve got millions of dollars and X budget … for them to come up with boring ways — because they’ve been at it for so long — to what they call ‘market’ it. And I find that all a bit disturbing.

I write it, I play it, I record it, and that’s all fun. And you go to the record company, and it gets very boring. You sit around in rooms with people, and you’re almost falling asleep and they’re almost falling asleep.

My record producer [David Kahne] said the major record labels these days are like dinosaurs sitting around discussing the asteroid. They know it’s going to hit. They don’t know when, they don’t know where it’s coming from. But it’s sort of hit already. With iTunes, and all of that.”

This quote from an LA Times article about Sir Paul McCartney releasing his latest CD through Starbuck’s Hear Music venture.

Sure, Sir Paul is 64 now and this is his 21st solo album. Yea, maybe he’s gotten tired of the labels because they are doing the same thing they’ve always done and like a hell of a lot of big businesses they find it hard to change.

As I’ve written before, there is no doubt that the music business is changing. There’s no doubt that artist have more freedom to create and distribute music with today’s technologies.

It will be interesting to live through this change and see where we are in thirty years.


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