Computer Geek History Lesson

One of the really cool things about aging is actually living during historical events. Could you imagine living through the American Revolution?

In my lifetime I’ve lived through two great events. The first event was man landing on the moon. Of course being two years old I didn’t remember much of that. But I do remember later missions and hearing on the AM radio the announcer describing men landing on the moon. My dad smiled when I looked out the car window and asked “Where are they, I don’t see them on the moon!”

The second historical event I’ve lived through is the Information Age Revolution or Computer Age. Like the Industrial Revolution of the late 1800’s this world has changed immensely since the dawn of the Computer Age. We have seen our world change in so many ways because we can better manage information!

Very rarely do staunch competitors and industry pioneers come together to discuss the history of the industry and their relationships. At this year’s D5 conference Steve Jobs and Bill Gates came together on stage for a very interesting, entertaining and educational discussion. I’ve added the video’s here for your enjoyment.

Yea, it’s a bunch of NERD history, but important history none the less.









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