Hope Springs Eternal

In my ignorance I never knew that “hope springs eternal” came from Casey at the Bat by Ernest Lawrence Thayer. But I thought I knew what it meant. But I really didn’t know until six days ago.

For in a mere moment in time my eyes were opened. I could see that all I knew wasn’t what I needed to know. There are indeed greater things than me and life has yet again revealed to me another secret.

Before my eyes opened a wee bit more I had thought that this world was cold and mean. That the evil of a few cast a greater shadow over the good in people. My centered thoughts told me that the people in this world are getting worse; the good times all have gone. The golden eras have long past us by.

But this is not true.

Those are sayings and thoughts of biter people who long to find their wasted years.

In an instant at 8:32am on the morning of May 24th hope did spring eternal for me. At that moment when I looked into her eyes I could see that this world we live in has another try. With the eyes of a little innocent baby peering into my soul I realized that she can make this world whole. In her heart she has no hate. In her eyes she sees no wrong. Her mind free from the worries, pains and evil of the past can think of new ways to live at last. Her soul free to choose a new journey.

Hope does spring eternal everyday. If we only can remember that first gaze from a little girl on her first day.


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