Baby Time – Baby Time Is Here!

baby02 So last night Melba dilated to about 3cm and patiently waited to see if she would continue to dilate. Around 8:00am with no more dilation occurring the doctor decided to do a c-section procedure. And let me tell you, from the time the decision was made at 8:00am baby Ellie-Jane graced the world with her presence at 8:32am eastern time.

If you’ve never seen a c-section it will blow your mind at how it is done. But let me tell you, when you have a good doctor working the procedure it is a like watching a work of art.

family01 So little baby Ellie-Jane is doing very well. She rolled out at 7 pounds 2 ounces at a length of 20 inches. Mamma Melba is tired and starting to feel the after effects of the whole ordeal.

All in all I would say today is a most excellent day! We have been blessed with a beautiful, healthy, bundle of love!

1st picture is Dr. Glander posing with American Idol 2027!

2nd picture is Ellie-Jane meeting her mother for the first time.

daddy01 3rd picture is me and Ellie after her oh so fun first bath!

4th picture is Ellie-Jane and mom after all the excitement of the day. Whew, they both look happy to be in the bed relaxing!

5th picture is of little Ellie-Jane enjoying a nap.

melba04 baby01


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