Baby Time – Pre-Labor

So what’s that all about? Pre-labor?

Melba01 Let me back up for a minute. My wife and I have been happily expecting for the last nine months and we are here at the hospital as she entered the pre-labor stage last night. Although the contractions were 12-15 minutes apart she went to sleep late with no issues. A friend of ours last night was joking that he thought she was already in labor, but we laughed it off.

We had a Dr.’s appointment this morning so when we went in the Dr. put her on a non-stress monitor and sure enough her contractions were five minutes apart.

Dr. Glander then said “well, let’s be safe and send you to the hospital.”

So here we are, Melba is laying on the bed and waiting for her cervix to start to dilate. If it doesn’t start by six they will start the inducing procedure.

Since I have wireless access, I’m going to write updates as I can. I have my Canon Rebel Digital, camera phone and Sony HDR-FX1 with me so I’ll get plenty of pictures and video for the archive.

I forgot to bring my cable to transfer my Canon pictures so I’ll come back later and add those pictures when I get a chance… But I can post lower quality phone pictures.

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